We are here to
make people feel

Igniting Emotions,
forging connections.


At Firmament, we evoke authentic and profound emotions that deeply resonate with our audience. Through our work, we strive to cultivate and nurture genuine, lasting relationships that extend beyond the screen, connecting people through shared experiences and emotions.


While motion pictures are at the heart of Firmament, we operate as much more than just a film production company. As a creative hub located in the heart of Berlin Mitte we are able to oversee everything from the first idea to the finished product. This allows us to deliver high caliber work while ensuring a consistent vision throughout the entire production process.

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Our holistic approach to filmmaking goes beyond simply covering all steps of the process. It's about fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration, where partnerships are built on mutual respect, ensuring that every voice is heard and every idea valued.

United by a common purpose,
we welcome established creators
and young artists alike.